Japan-Vietnam Workshop on Software Engineering 2010
(JVSE 2010) 

9th - 10th December, 2010, Hanoi, Vietnam

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[09/12 morning]
08:00-08:30 Reception & Registration *
08:30-08:40 Opening, Nguyen Ngoc Binh, Rector
08:40-09:20 Keijiro Araki, Practical Formal Approaches to System Development in Japan
09:20-09:30 Coffee break
09:30-09:50 Vu Y. Nguyen, Tho T. Quan and Nhuan D. Lai, FATS: A Framework for Automated Testing Scenarios, Slides
09:50-10:10 Pham Ngoc Hung and Nguyen Viet Ha, L*-Based Learning Models of Evolving Components for Software Verification, Slides
10:10-10:30 Nguyen Van Anh, Tran Quang Anh, Selected Problems in Generating SpamAssassin Rules for Vietnamese Spam Detection
10:30-10:40 Coffee break
10:40-11:00 Dung Cao Tuan , Dat Trinh Tuan, Semantic Software Maintenance and Reuse System - Java Tools for Collaborative Teams, Slides
11:00-11:20 Chung-Tuyen Luu, Dinh-Phuc Nguyen, Anh-Hoang Truong, Model checking LTL Properties with Symbolic Execution, Slides
11:20-11:40 Serge Stinckwich. A Domain-Specific Language for visualization of robotic systems, Slides
11:40-13:30 Lunch

[09/12 afternoon]
[Software developement environment]
13:30-14:10 Koichiro Ochimizu, Phan Thi Thanh Huyen, Masayuki Kotani, Saw Sanda Aye, Towards Software Development Environments for Distributed Cooperative Works
14:10-14:50 Abdullah Mohd Zin and Marini Othman, Software Engineering in a Chaotic Environment
14:50-15:00 Coffee break
[Verification and analysis]
15:00-15:40 Kenji Hashimoto and Hiroyuki Seki, Tree Language Theoretic Approach to Security Verification for XML Databases, Slides
15:40-16:20 Do Thi Bich Ngoc and Mizuhito Ogawa, Checking Roundoff Errors by Counterexample - Guided Narrowing
16:20-16:30 Coffee break, Slides
[Entertainment and computer]
16:30-17:10 Hiroyuki Iida, Computers and Games
17:10-17:50 Akihiko Takano, From Search to Association - How to Extract Inspiration from Data

19:00-20:00 Banquet

[10/12 morning]
08:30-11:00 15th Anniversary of the Establishment of Faculty of Information Technology (all participants are invited)
11:30-12:30 Lunch

[10/12 afternoon]
13:00-13:40 Zarina Shukur, Research in Formal Methods in Malaysia
13:40-13:50 Coffee break
[Realtime and concurrent behavior]
13:50-14:30 Dang Van Hung, Real-time Interface Dynamic Behaviour Specification, Slides
14:30-15:10 Shoji Yuen, Sakura Bhandari, and Kiyoshi Agusa, Communication Centered Programming of Integrated Services with Priority in Home Appliance Network
15:10-15:50 Kazuhiro Ogata, Systematically Finding Deep Counterexamples, Slides
15:50-16:00 Coffee break
[Programming languages]
16:00-16:40 Atsushi Ohori, Development of the SML# Language
16:40-17:20 Zhenjiang Hu, Calculational Approach to Parallel Programming with MapReduce, Slides
17:20-18:00 Masahiko Sakai, Introduction to Esoteric Language Malbolge, Slides

* Registration fee is 50USD. mainly used for lunches, coffee breaks, and banquet.

University of Engineering and Technology, VNU Hanoi (UET-VNU Research Center for Software Verification, JAIST Education and Research Center of Trustworthy e-Society, JAIST

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