Trương Anh Hoàng

Associate Professor, PhD.

Software Engineering Department

Room 316, E3 building, 144 Xuan Thuy, Hanoi.

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Truong Anh Hoang photo


Hoang Truong (Trương Anh Hoàng in Vietnamese) joined VNU University of Engineering and Technology in 2007. He was conferred the title of Associate Professor in 2015. He defended his PhD dissertation at University of Bergen, Norway in 2006, after four years of study about type systems for abstract component languages. His research interests are type systems, program analyses, formal methods, software testing and applied software engineering in general. He got about 35 published papers, mainly at international conferences. Before he came to Norway for a PhD position in 2002, he worked for many software development companies: Punch Entertainment, Olivetti, Getronics, MITEC. Counting from 1994 when he graduated from Vietnam National University, he has more than 15 years of experience in software development, for mobile, Linux, Windows, and web platforms using C/C++, VB, C#, Python, JavaScript, among others. The experience is helpful for him when teaching programming languages and software engineering courses in his current lecturer position. In 2017 he founded a small software company with focus on educational products - is one of the successful projects, used by thousands of teachers everyday. His recent research interests are blockchain technology and applied AI.


  • Software Engineering
  • Software Testing and Quality Assurance (see Vietnamese slides)
  • Functional Programming
  • Software Architecture

Research details


  • Type systems, programs analyses, software testing, cloud computing.

R&D projects

Research projects

  • CN-07.08 - Types systems for finding resource bound of component software
  • QC-08.16 - Finding memory usage bound of software programs
  • QC-09.06 - Specifying and checking interface interaction protocols using AOP
  • QG-11.29 - Optimal test suite generation for numerical functions on embedded systems
  • 102.03-2014.23 - Resource bound analysis for transactional concurrent programs (funded by NAFOSTED)

Selected Publications All, DBLP

  1. Modeling and Specification of Real-time Interfaces with UTP.
    Dang Van Hung and Anh-Hoang Truong.
    Theories of Programming and Formal Methods. Jifeng He Festschrift. LNCS 8051. 2013.
  2. A Type System for Counting Instances of Software Components.
    Marc Bezem, Dag Hovland, and Hoang Truong.
    Theoretical Computer Science, August 2012.
  3. A type system for finding upper resource bounds of multi-threaded programs with nested transactions.
    Xuan Tung Vu, Hoang Truong, Thi Mai Thuong Tran and Martin Steffen.
    SoICT'12, August 2012.
  4. FixBag: A Fixpoint Calculator for Quantified Bag Constraints.  tool.
    Wei-Ngan Chin, Tuan-Hung Pham, Hoang Truong and Minh-Thai Trinh.
    CAV '11, July 14-20, Cliff Lodge, Snowbird, Utah.
  5. On Scenario Synchronization.
    Duc-Hanh Dang, Anh-Hoang Truong and Martin Gogolla.
    ATVA'10, 21-24 September 2010, Springer 2010.
  6. Test Case Generation for Adequacy of Floating-point to Fixed-point Conversion. .pdf
    Tuan-Hung Pham, Anh-Hoang Truong, Wei-Ngan Chin, Takenobu Aoshima.
    TTSS'09, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 17, 2009;
    ENTCS Vol. 266
  7. Checking Interface Interaction Protocols Using Aspect-oriented Programming.pdf
    Anh-Hoang Truong, Thanh-Binh Trinh, Dang Van Hung, Viet-Ha Nguyen, Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, Pham Dinh Hung.
    SEFM'08, Cape Town, South Africa, November 10-14, 2008. 
  8. Finding Resource Bounds in the Presence of Explicit Deallocation.pdf
    Hoang Truong, Marc Bezem.
    ICTAC'05, Hanoi, Vietnam, October 17-21, 2005. LNCS 3722, Springer, 2005. pp. 127-241. 
  9. Guaranteeing Resource Bounds for Component Software.pdf
    Hoang Truong. 
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  10. Ph.D. Dissertation: Type Systems for Guaranteeing Resource Bounds of Component Software. May 2006.

Professional Activities

Mentor of GSoC 2010, MHST 2012-2014. Organizer of SEFM 2009, JVSE 2010, ATVA 2013. Reviewer/subreviewer of various conferences, workshops and journals: ICT-Hanoi 2008, KSE 2009, SEFM 2009, KSE 2010, KSE 2011, FTfJP 2012, KSE 2012, RIVF 2012, SEFM 2013, ATVA 2013, ACOMP 2013, RIVF 2013, KSE 2013, FACS 2013, ICTAC 2013, KSE 2014, SEFM 2014, ATVA 2014, ACOMP 2014, RIVF 2014, FOOL 2014, RIVF 2015, TASE 2015, FTfJP 2015.